Equipment Roster

Summit Drilling customers are privy to one of the largest and most diverse equipment fleets in the drilling industry. Environmental engineering firms benefit from this wide range of capability, as well as Summit’s ability to address multiple project requirements simultaneously.

Click on any piece of equipment listed below for dimensions, capabilities and brief notations on its use.

Large Roto-Sonic Crawler MRS-50K (Sonic)
Compact Roto-Sonic Crawler (CRS) (Sonic)
Small Roto-Sonic Crawler (SRS) (Sonic)
Reichdrill T650W-II (Air)
Ingersoll Rand T3W (Air)
Ingersoll Rand T2W (Air)
Drilltech T25KW (Air)
(2) Diedrich D-120 (Mud/Auger)
CME-75 (Mud/Auger)
(4) Geoprobe 7822DT Track (Direct Push)
(3) Geoprobe 66DT Track (Direct Push)
Geoprobe 6620DT Track (Direct Push)
Geoprobe 5410 Truck (Direct Push)
Geoprobe 420M Probe Unit (Direct Push)
(3) Dingo/Geoprobe 5400 Rubber Track Unit (Direct Push)